After a nice relaxing weekend down on the Jersey shore, I flew up to Rochester, NY on Sunday, June 27th. My 6pm flight out of JFK quickly turned into a 9pm departure due to storms in upstate NY. After a rocky landing and a quick ride to the Radisson hotel on campus, I got started on my slides. Something about procrastinating on RIT campus just felt right ;-) After 4 hours of working on the slides, I called it a night and caught a few hours of rest.

CS4HS LogoOn June 28-30th, RIT hosted a 3 day workshop for area math and computer science high school teachers¬†called Computer Science for High School, CS4HS@RIT. The workshop was sponsored by the RIT Computer Engineering department and Google. On June 28th, I gave the workshop’s keynote talk on “Life of a Software Engineer”. I fielded a bunch of awesome questions from the audience of around 100 teachers. In hindsight, I should have anticipated that teachers would have come prepared with tons of questions and should have allocated more time for questions.

After the keynote, I met up with some old professors and advisors and later discussed some future plans for Video CAPTCHA research with my old thesis advisor. And finally, no trip to Rochester would be complete without a trip to MacGregors to sample some of their delicious beer and food with some old friends. After another couple of hours of delays, I landed back at JFK around midnight, grabbed a beer with a friend in the city, and made it back to my apartment by 3am…just in time to grab a few hours of sleep before work in the morning. ¬†I love my life :-)